To create meangingful memories - in bits, pieces & slices of life.

Inspired for your travel days, or your guest bathroom,

maybe for your linens so your layers smell good, or even a gift for a special someone to make them feel loved.

Endless possibilities with these ones. 


*We care about you and the environment. These pack come with an additional label tag that is a handmade seed paper which can be planted to grow some herb or botanical variety such as marigold or wildflower + a resuable muslin bag. 


Travel soaps / 165g

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  • Travel soaps, also known as petite soaps from our usual mentions - are a mini versions of the big bars.


    Formulated with luxurious blends of oils, butters, essential oils, natural clays, herbs and botanicals. Each mini soap has the same list of ingredients as the bigger versions made in a custom size silicon soap mold designed perfectly for you to simply get the best of all the soaps in one pack. 



    Available in a pack of five soaps in total as follows:



    • French Rose

    Balancing & comfort. 

    Essential oils of Geranium, Ylang Ylang, May Chang, Bergamot and other floral hints, this bar works on nourishing, reducing inflammation and irritation. With its natural pink colour derived from rose clay and french Pink clay making it extremely helpful for even sensitive skin providing very light exfoliation on the skin by removing the dead skin


    • Saltwater

    Energising & calming.

    Blends of peppermint and spearmint provide a cooling and analgesic effect to recharge your mind and muscles, swirled in indigo powder for its natural pastel blue colour proving restorative and smoothing property for the skin. 


    • Tanlines

    Uplifting & mood-brightening. 

    Notes of citrus blends of orange & grapefruit with a spicy note of clove & cinnamon for providing you the warmth and brightening up your mood. Swirled with paprika herb and brazilian clays - having enormous source of vitamin C that helps fight the aging effects from free radicals to protect and help the skin appear brighter, while providing gentle exfoliation; removing impurities, by hydrating and balancing out the skin. 


    • Obsidian 

    Grounding & mood-enhancing 

    An exotic blend of Patchouli, Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood makes this bar even more unique by enhancing its meditative properties. The activated charcoal is incorporated to give this bar its rich colour aiding to remove toxins and impurities from the skin while diminishing the open pores. With organic ground oats for a gentle exfoliation; these oats are, therefore, traditionally used as a natural alternative for treating irritated skin.


    • Marigold

    Blissful & joyous. 

    A sweet and loving blend of Marigold, Neroli and Grapefruit essential oils, swirled in marigold powder + solar infused annatto seeds in olive oil makes the colour a bright shade of yellow to dusty yellow over time. This one works as a works as a natural mood enhancer while treating various skin ailments. The added Calendula petals in these is what makes them special for that gentle exfoliation even for the most sensitive skin.



    *Comes in a reusable muslin bag.

    *Each petite soap weighs 33g

    (usually we like to add a coffee soap sample with each bag due to our low stock on those in the petite size).