A dip in the ocean.


To calm, focus and uplift your mood. 


Starting your morning more refreshed, saltwater helps focus and uplift your mood whilst cleansing your mind, body and spirit. As you think about the seaside, the magic of this bar brings peace and deepens your senses - while swirled with Indigo powder it feels like the rinse after a dip in the ocean with chia seeds added for exfoliating all the dirt away. 


*We care about you and the environment. Each soap comes with a label band that is a handmade seed paper which can be planted to grow some herb or botanical variety such as marigold or wildflower. 



Saltwater / 150g

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  • This bar is inspired by the ocean; to deepen the desires and bring calmness to the mind.


    Formulated with luxurious blends of oils, butters and essential oils to provide overall nourishment. The sea blue hue is naturally coloured with Indigo powder and the minted aroma of peppermint and spearmint essential oils provide a cooling and analgesic effect that is a perfect recharge for your mind and muscles.