Sense of Bliss.



To gently cleanse & relax your body and bring tranquility to your mind. 

Like smelling the flower straight in your garden with a touch of citrus pulp - representing brightness and positive energy.


*We care about you and the environment. Each soap comes with a label band that is a handmade seed paper which can be planted to grow some herb or botanical variety such as marigold or wildflower. 

Marigold / 150g

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  • This bar is inspired by the flower itself, also known as “the herb of the sun”.  



    Formulated with luxurious blends of oils, butters, clays and pure essential oils to nourish and heal the skin. Swirled in marigold powder + solar infused annatto seeds in olive oil makes the colour a bright shade of yellow to dusty yellow over time. Marigold powder has antibacterial and anti-inflammartory properties which helps in clearing skin and to reduce skin infections. Our sweetest most fruity + floral bar with steam distilled essential oils of Marigold, Neroli and Grapefruit works as a natural mood enhancer while treating various skin ailments. The added Calendula petals in these bars is what makes them special for that gentle exfoliation even for the most sensitive skin. 


    This bar will remind you of the abundance and happiness - just like the sun that shines bright.