Awaken your senses 


To recharge your mornings (or night) and exfoliate deep within your skin



*We care about you and the environment. Each soap comes with a label band that is a handmade seed paper which can be planted to grow some herb or botanical variety such as marigold or wildflower. 

Coconut + Coffee / 150g

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  • This bar is inspired to wake your body and mind, and relax your muscles with soothing and calming essential oils. 


    Formulated with luxurious blends of oils, butters and essential oils to exfoliate and provide nourishment to the skin. The rich colour tone is naturally derived from Cocoa Powder in desired proportions to achieve a balance of light, medium and dark brown hue. Reusable finely ground coffee  is incorporated to provide exfoliation, remove dead skin and restore the skin to looking more healthy and radiant. The calming, energising and anti-bacterial properties of the essential oil blend of Cedarwood, Patchouli, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass etc are great source to stir up your memories, bring patience to your mind and gently heal your body.