------------------------        In between black & white, an ode to what inspires us, 

a balance between air and earth, founded in its water element         ------------------------



Saej body’s mission seeps deeper than just skincare and holds tremendous value in filling life with meaningful goals, transitioning into healthy rituals, finding the space to explore yourself to grow from within, seeking your true sanctuary, deepening the sense of physical experiences - through therapeutic scents, and softening the hearts to flow easily with love.         

To transform growth in treasures of life with mindfulness and inclusivity, by seeking inner prosperity with kindness to further lead a life with purpose that brings profound change in self, others and the environment. 


To affirm + become more aware of our thoughts and actions and choose to live with intention


Saejbody was born out of an aspiration to tune in to our senses, be inspired by love & moments, breathe in the state of present, bring calm to the inner self and find beauty in simple creations. 


Offering the purest products formulated for every skin type - we curate plant-based skincare to invite wellness of mind, body and spirit and to understand what goes on the surface of our body really sets the overall intention of our wellbeing and how actively we engage in our daily lives subconsciously. 


We allow you to take a moment, to just be. to be present


To embrace all life force, and bring remembrance of universal love


Saej body seeks awakening to dust the belief of all the limits and temporary pleasures, whether they be - time, place, gender, desires or emotions. To experience a sense of bliss. 


Our mission is to formulate adaptability - a product that is compatible with any skin type, along with other features such as availability and affordability. The efforts of our ingredients to be able to go deep within, nourish your overall state and appearance hence, leaving you feeling loved.

 To celebrate you, each and every one. By bringing deeper connection from within and affirming to self that you are,

loved, abundance and enough


To seek compassion, integrity, humility and light - in the form of giving. For when you give without seeking to receive in return, you naturally allow your highest self to bring abundance into your life. 


Säej Body’s ideology is deeply rooted in making one act of kindness every day, or at any moment possible. A choice to do more and be better, as individuals and as a collective force by -  giving back to the environment & giving to the people in need.


On this continuous journey during our first launch, we successfully donated 15% of our soaps to a not for profit organisation called Neevam Foundation -  school & community based intervention for children and the youth within India.

This incredible organisation provides marginalised children  with the goal to address stress, anxiety and depression amongst the youth in India run under two programs as - Minds At Play & Ao Baat Karein. Providing an affordable mental care solution to low-income schools by regulating curriculum-based intervention using cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness to help them express and understand themselves better. 

Supporting this cause means we are choosing to invest in the future of our children to empower them by not just training them as mental health first aiders but  by also building them to be leaders of their community - for the future, and the environment


to embrace all life force, and bring remembrance of universal love


There is tremendous value in small, intentional things that add an even greater value to our lives and others around us. Our efforts toward this motion seeps through our choices made to protect our environment and preserve nature’s ingredients by using them intentionally. 


Our packaging reflects such values in alignment with sustainability and considering our environment. Therefore, we use plantable seed paper labels for packaging our products. The labels sourced are manufactured and run by a small business in India and the story behind the artisans that make the papers is beautiful.

Handmade with love and integrity - when soiled, nurtured and taken well care of they shall sprout into botanical varieties such as Holy basil or Marigold. Just as our soaps are good for bodies, these labels are good for the earth.

As part of our story - it is honouring those moments of aspiration to move forward in this life-giving sustainable business by handcrafting nourishing bath products for all bodies by ensuring the purpose stays aligned towards an eco-conscious environment.